Cat Care and Waste Management litter genie refill alternative

Responsible ownership

Enjoy for pets is not enough with all the sense of obligation. Yes you love them and treat them just like family, but just like the members of our family, we have to be responsible in taking care of these and keep them in a clean and comfy environment. That needs a little extra hard work and regular.

Cat Cleanliness

Cats are somewhat clean in themselves. You don’t have to wash them because they continue licking (bathing) themselves them all the moment. However, cat’s poop or waste has a distinct foul odor, and that means you want to get a cat litter within your home so that they won’t blossom anywhere. That might have been very dreadful to wash.

Cleaning your cat’s clutter is just another task that many cat owners are enduring just to get it all washed up.  they’ve a great solution for it.

• appears like a little toilet but may be filled with a great deal of clutter. You can refill this after its used up and dirty Alternative Hub. Each of those refills may last up to 8 weeks.

• Automatically indicates the existence of the cat since it goes over the garbage pail.

• Automatically produces a cycle inside the pail, allowing it to lower down its automatic scoop like strainer that catches the cat’s waste and drops it inside its waste bin. So that you do not have to hold it with your hand or even get near to it.

• The whole pail filled with litter can be rinsed, cleaned and emptied right towards the bathroom. The cycle created by the Cat Genie will wash off the mess so that it may be used .